A Team of Passionate Professionals.

We partnered with a dedicated team of passionate contractors, engineers and interior designers to provide a quality yet affordable one-stop service for your home and office.

About JT Home Solutions 


JT Home Solutions is owned by Jace9 Pte Ltd and strive to promote a ONE STOP SOLUTIONS Platform for your home or office in Singapore.. We are the first to partner various professionals together and provide a one stop services for home and office owners in Singapore. We provide various services ranging from renovation, interior design, smart home security surveillance.

In JT Home Solutions, we help to crafts the dream home and office through our experience designers and contractors that had been in the industry for the past 7 years. We design singular interiors, which allow clients to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning to them.

JT Home Solutions also provide contractor repair works or handyman service, security surveillance systems for your home and office too. We strongly believe in providing RELIABLE AND QUALITY SERVICE to our clients. JT Home Solutions Renovation Contractor will be able to design and secure your dream home or office. JUST REST ASSURE WITH US AROUND.

Our Vision & Values


We strive to be a ONE STOP HOME SOLUTIONS platform to help owners to save the time and hassle in searching for multiple contractors for their home and office giving them the best home automation, interior design and renovation experience.

We value every customers that engage us to help them in designing or providing solutions for their home and office.

We believed in providing the best quality and reliable services to our client’s home or office design and renovation at reasonable prices.

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Why JT Home Solutions? 

About JT Home Solutions 2

One Stop Service

We are the first one stop home and office solutions platform  to integrate home network design and interior design for home owners in Singapore

About JT Home Solutions 3


We partner with a team of professionals and contractors with more than 10 years of experience specialising in offering the best Home Network & Security, Interior Design and other solutions for your home and office.

Our Testimonials

Ms Alicia Fan, Accountant

My hubby and I had some bad experience with the previous contractor for our first home which almost cause our home renovation to stop halfway.

As such we were more cautious this time in choosing a renovation contractor for our second new home in our life.

After getting all the quotes from various ID firms in March 2016, we decided to choose JT Home Solutions even their price is slightly higher than the other companies. 

The experiences with them were totally different from our previous encounter.

They provide quality service, responsive, and overlook our project well without the need to chase after them or even fear that they would stop work halfway and disappear. The quality and workmanship of our new home after completion is great.

My hubby and I were so happy that we choose JT Home Solutions to renovate our new home and I feel that their price is reasonable for the quality service and workmanship been provided.

Mr Mohd Sharil, Operator

This is my first BTO flat and decided to sign up with JT Home Solutions to renovate my house.

When they came to my flat for the free site survey, I was surprised that they provide a WiFi survey too. They even highlighted that my master bedroom might have a weak WiFi signal issue and propose some free advice to it.

During the renovation process, they also help to solve my weak WiFi signal at the same time. Best of all, I am able to apply Home Broadband Service with them and purchased an additional router for my home too as they are MyRepublic Authorised Partner and also reseller to some of the gadget brands.

It is really a one-stop solution for me without going around searching for network stuff for my home. The quality of the renovation of my home is good too.  

Mr Tan Hong Seng, Civil Servant

I was worried about my toddler running around especially to the kitchen and decide to construct a door for my kitchen. I also decide to install window grilles for safety reasons.

My friend highly recommends me to JT Home Solutions. I contacted them and made an appointment to meet up at my place to discuss my kitchen door and installation of window grilles.

They gave me quite a few practical ideas which I did not think of. They were punctual on the day of installation and everything was completed without a hassle.

One thing I would like to highlight is their quality and workmanship are really good for the price I paid. Will definitely engage them in the future for any reno.